Rock & Roll

Given he’s both a scion of one of Melbourne’s most prominent families and the co-founder of one of Australia’s most successful tech start-ups, remarkably little is known about Matt Rockman. In a rare interview, he sat down with Nigel Bowen to share his thoughts on Seek, superyachts and going from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three … Read more

Singing his own tune

Have you heard the story about the Adelaide mechanic who created two huge finance industry companies, became a professional jazz singer, befriended The Hoff, got into resort development and supervised the rebirth of one of Australia’s most stunning superyachts? No? Well, pay attention as Greg Meyer grants a rare interview. Greg Meyer’s extraordinary life had … Read more

In full flight

Joining the Air Training Corps at school set Steve Padgett on course to becoming one of the Australian aviation industry’s most significant figures. Here he explains to Nigel Bowen how he rose from being a flight instructor to creating the Aeromil Group of Companies and launching several airlines. Steve Padgett isn’t quite as well known … Read more

Renaissance Man

Rod Salmon has a truly prodigious appetite for both work and play. After a lifetime of keeping a low profile, here the tireless entrepreneur explains to Nigel Bowen how luxury boats and fast cars provide a welcome distraction from overseeing a wide-ranging business empire. If you wanted to play armchair psychologist, you’d be tempted to … Read more

Casa Dolce Casa

It was only a matter of time until the big European luxury houses awoke to the revenue on offer if they moved into outfitting the super-yachts of their clientele. Nigel Bowen discovers the first fashion house to take the initiative in Australia is Fendi. Prestige fashion labels confining themselves to creating fashion is so 20th … Read more

The Titan behind Titanic II

A few years ago the name Clive Palmer would  have drawn a blank look from most Australians. Now the whole world is talking about the Queensland mining magnate who’s devoting an estimated half a billion dollars to building Titanic 2.0. There’s something of the early 20th century tycoon about Clive Palmer that makes him the … Read more

King of bling

John Calleija explains to Nigel Bowen how a serendipitous TV ad propelled a directionless 18-year-old on a diamond encrusted path to fame and fortune involving parties with pop stars, luxury boats and a business partnership with Aston Martin. “If it had been an ad for hamburgers I could have ended up as Ronald McDonald,” chortles … Read more

Stefan’s world

Australia’s best-known hairdresser has already disrupted the Australian boat market once with the launch of Stefan Boating World. Now Stefan Ackerie is contemplating shaking it up again with a new venture. Nigel Bowen investigates why a man who’s already achieved so much is driven to keep adding to his varied list of accomplishments. I’m a … Read more

Cruise control

It’s largely down to Sarina Bratton that booking a passage on Fairstar the Fun Ship is no longer the only option for Australians wanting to take a domestic cruise. Here she explains to Nigel Bowen how having a promising sporting career unexpectedly cut short set her on a path to launching the world’s first female-owned … Read more