tips for selling online

Build your business: 4 tips for selling online

In the economy of the future, a strong online sales presence will be vital. You don’t need to be Jeff Bezos to profit from online sales. At a glance Australia has the tenth largest e-commerce market in the world, with eight out of 10 Australians shopping online. The approach to improving online sales presence involves…
building a content business

How I Slowly Built Up a $10k/month Content Provision Business

Learn how Nigel built his $10k/month content-marketing microbusiness after becoming unemployed – and seemingly unemployable – at 40. 1. Hello! Who are you and what is your business? My name is Nigel Bowen and I am the founder of Content Sherpa. Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved words and wanted to make a living as…
relationship between robots and humans

What relationship will you have with your robo-colleagues?

What’s long been rich pickings for sci-fi writers – relationships between robots and humans – is starting to become a reality. The future of human-robot partnerships is already here and it’s rapidly becoming more widely distributed. Few people now see anything remarkable about interacting with disembodied AI, such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Soon,…
corona change work

The coronavirus has changed work forever

Like most developed nations, Australia has embraced working from home in recent weeks. It’s an experiment that will have lasting and profound consequences, says Dr Sarah Bankins from Macquarie Business School. Video-conferencing and instant-messaging platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Slack and Teams were around before COVID-19 put most of the world in lockdown. Despite the…
beginners guide philanthropy

A beginners guide to philanthropy

Fewer low to middle-income Australians are donating to good causes meaning charities are increasingly reliant on high-net-worth individuals As the response to the recent bushfires demonstrated, Australians are a generous bunch. But factors such as flat wage growth, more insecure working arrangements and high housing costs mean that fewer average Australians are donating to charities…

How robotics in healthcare are revolutionising the field

The medical robots once only seen in sci-fi movies and television are now becoming a reality. As robotics in healthcare become more common, this trend could boost the affordability of care for individual patients—as well as taxpayers funding a health system that’s about to be stretched to its limits by millions of ageing baby boomers.…
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