How to use superannuation to save on tax

To encourage Australians to finance their own retirements, the Federal Government taxes (most) super contributions lightly. But many Australians don’t take advantage of this.

Malicious insiders: How to protect your business

Nowadays, most people are aware of the threat posed to businesses by tech-savvy lawbreakers operating from far-flung corners of the world, such as Russia and Nigeria. Much less attention is being paid to the vast potential damage that can be caused by aggrieved or self-interested employees from only a few feet away.

Why you should be excited about Open Banking

Open Banking is about to do to the ‘Big Four’ banks what Afterpay did to the credit card companies. That’s good news for long-suffering customers, say researchers from Macquarie Business School.

(Crypto) coining it

Why spend a lifetime working hard and investing wisely to achieve financial security when you can become a cryptocurrency millionaire overnight?
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