Accenture's cloud-computing offering

The role of cloud for companies in a post-pandemic world

Being an early adopter of new technology can often come with more costs than benefits. Because of this, companies across the world tend to be slow on the uptake with digital innovation. The pandemic, which forced hundreds of millions of workers to shelter in place and essentially move all operations and most of daily life…
Tesla is leading the EV charge

The five new electric car models coming to Australia

By: Nigel Bowen The electric car charge is powering up. Over the next year, five new models of electric vehicles (EVs), with friendlier price tags, are expected to land in Australia, with even more on the way after that.Are EVs about to have their iPhone moment, going from the cars on your wish-list (Telsa) to…
HNWI investors now want downward hedges

How high-net-worth investing has changed

Finding lower-risk investments that provided a reasonable return in a zero-interest rate world was challenging enough. When a pandemic was added to the mix, high-net-worth investors (HNWIs) had to profoundly rethink their investment strategies. Their responses to the economic changes wrought by Covid-19 were both expected and less easily foreseeable. Nandita D’Souza, head of investment…
Newspapers and magazines have been digitally disrupted into near extinction

Print journalists: Your current careers are, or soon will be, over. Accept it

The sooner print journalists realise things aren’t getting any better, and make the decision to move on to a new career, the better, according to Nigel Bowen. Because while the last stage of grief is ‘acceptance’, most of us are still caught up in denial, anger, bargaining, or depression.August 12, 2020 4:16by NIGEL BOWEN Those acquainted…
FCPAs share their digital transformation journeys

Digital transformation: Top tips from finance professionals

If you want to put technology to better use in your work life, these early adopters have practical tips for successful digital transformation. Investing more time and effort into digital transformation has helped accountants accommodate the need to conduct more advisory work online during the current pandemic.Early adopters of digital technology in accounting practices agree…

Discipline 101: a science-backed guide to reaching your goals

Personal discipline has been out of fashion in Western cultures for some time, but research from Macquarie Business School suggests it’s time for a rethink – starting with our education system. Most of us know someone who has dramatically turned their life around by becoming more self-disciplined, or even witnessed the dramatic impact that a…
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