How to raise money smart kids

Nigel Bowen uncovers what the experts say about making your kids financially literate. Jen Bakker, Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon and Mima Rahaman all have a personal and professional stake in promoting financial literacy among young Australians. Bakker is the head of customer engagement at the personal financial management service MoneyBrilliant. Pedersen-McKinnon is a high-profile money mentor. She … Read more

How to embrace your inner capitalist in 2016

Want to make a six-figure income freelancing? Believe it or not, some of your peers do and it’s usually not because they’re more talented or hard working than you. Typically, it’s simply because they think of themselves as businesspeople and behave accordingly, writes freelancer Nigel Bowen. You could almost certainly be earning significantly more than … Read more

The joy of not tipping

If there’s one thing guaranteed to induce holiday stress, it’s trying to work out what gratuities are appropriate. There’s a lot to recommend about holidaying in Japan, but something Aussies will particularly appreciate is that tipping is not part of the culture. In fact, one way you can mark yourself as an ignorant gaijin is … Read more