The coronavirus has changed work forever

Like most developed nations, Australia has embraced working from home in recent weeks. It’s an experiment that will have lasting and profound consequences, says Dr Sarah Bankins from Macquarie Business School. Video-conferencing and instant-messaging platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Slack and Teams were around before COVID-19 put most of the world in lockdown. Despite the … Read more

How I Slowly Built Up a $10k/month Content Provision Business

Learn how Nigel built his $10k/month content-marketing microbusiness after becoming unemployed – and seemingly unemployable – at 40. 1. Hello! Who are you and what is your business? My name is Nigel Bowen and I am the founder of Content Sherpa. Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved words and wanted to make a living as … Read more

Build your business: 4 tips for selling online

In the economy of the future, a strong online sales presence will be vital. You don’t need to be Jeff Bezos to profit from online sales. At a glance Australia has the tenth largest e-commerce market in the world, with eight out of 10 Australians shopping online. The approach to improving online sales presence involves … Read more

AFR Fast 100 star’s 5 tips for business success

Serial entrepreneur Ryan O’Hare’s latest startup topped the Australian Financial Review’s 2018 Fast 100 list. Here, the NAB customer shares his business wisdom. To win at business, do you need to have the most original ideas? One serial entrepreneur suggests there’s another way. For someone who didn’t get the marks to fulfil his childhood dream of … Read more

Communication: PS Awards uncover secrets of success

Now in its second year, smaller businesses across Australia have embraced the Professional Services Awards, backed by NAB and FirmChecker. There’s no lack of industry awards for businesses, especially those providing professional services. However, there has long been a gap in the market. It’s a gap that NAB and FirmChecker – a platform that helps people find … Read more

What a ‘Brexiting’ Britain has to offer Aussie entrepreneurs

Keen to expand your business’s global footprint? If so, there are compelling reasons to consider heading to the UK, especially if you own a tech start-up, with an exciting new competition just launched. The UK and Australia have been economically intertwined for more than 200 years. Since the UK joined the (European) Common Market in … Read more

What’s right (and wrong) in our start-up scene

Australia’s start-up culture is progressing, but critical needs remain, reports Nigel Bowen. Not before time, Australia is starting to get serious about start-ups: the 500 Startups program is set to launch in Melbourne; the Advance Queensland initiative is generating activity in that state; the Lighthouse precinct in Sydney’s Barangaroo is launching, in addition to that … Read more

Are we about to see a wave of Atlassians?

Nigel Bowen explores the case for (and against) investing in local start-ups. Cast your mind two years’ back to the start of 2017. It may not seem like the distant past but it’s a foreign country as far as Australia’s start-up sector is concerned. Back then, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s call for Australians to embrace … Read more

Kohab launches social network for homebuyers

In early 2018, two entrepreneurs launched a website that aimed to address the housing affordability crisis by facilitating co-ownership. A few months later, they had an even better idea. In late 2016, brothers-in-law Darren Clark and David Dawson decided to create a business that would address a big problem for many young – and not … Read more

The future is location-fluid. Are you ready?

No longer a novelty, co-working and co-living spaces are transforming Australians’ housing choices and work arrangements. In the space of just nine years, WeWork has gone from an out-there concept dreamed up by two young American entrepreneurs to a company with a valuation north of US$40 billion and 280 shared-workspace sites spread across 23 countries. Likewise, when … Read more

How to sell your business profitably

With the baby boomers retiring in droves, it’s a buyer’s market for SMEs. That makes it all the more important to be on the ball when it comes to exit planning. Limited data has been collected on the sales of Australian SMEs. But what information is available makes for sobering reading for any business hoping … Read more

How to build a business empire in five years

While still on the right side of 35, Jamie Davison has built up a chain of accountancy-related businesses with his business partner Nathan Hood. Here he shares his hard-won wisdom with aspiring entrepreneurs Jamie Davison is the kind of overachiever that professional-services firms drool over. But the Perth-based 34-year-old doesn’t work for PwC or KPMG. … Read more