Mad Men’s main man

Matthew Weiner is the genius behind what’s widely hailed as the most stylish TV drama series of all time. Who better to explain the appeal of the man we all secretly wish we were? It has to be said. Matthew Weiner is nothing like his famous creation Don Draper. Not physically. “All the characters in … Read more

David Stratton: how to be a film critic

1) Don’t enter the cinema with preconceptions “It can be hard, especially if it’s a sequel or remake, but you try to go in with an open mind. Reviews are always very subjective, but I try to bear in mind the audience the film is aimed at.” 2) Get a wing-woman “When Margaret and I … Read more

Why Abbott should Lord it over the electorate

Perhaps Tony Abbott’s path to victory at the federal election lies in embracing his conservatism and his old-fashioned sense of morality. Conventional wisdom holds the only thing now preventing Tony Abbott winning an historic victory on September 14 is Tony Abbott. The commentariat is almost as one in arguing the only issue that could potentially … Read more

Foxy morons bridge chasm between nation’s two tribes

An armful of Logies and AFI awards. Four top-rating TV series and an American adaptation. And now a film that is capable of actually luring Australians to the multiplex. In terms of Australian comic creations, Kath Day-Knight and Kim Craig are in the pantheon alongside Dame Edna and ”Crocodile” Dundee. But why? Comedians simply do … Read more