Australia’s Privacy Act: What it means for IT teams

It can sometimes seem like an overwhelming majority of Australians are happy to surrender their privacy to access the delights of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, and Tinder. But regardless of their personal preferences and online behaviour, this nation’s stringent Privacy Act obliges organisations to tread carefully when it comes to collecting, storing, and … Read more

Using security best practices to market your business

While there’s still a lot more to be done, most Australian businesses now acknowledge the importance of protecting data through security best practices. Let’s assume the business you work for boasts business security systems and equipment far superior to its competitors. In this scenario, your business is likely leaving money on the table if it’s not trumpeting its … Read more

A short guide to digitising workflows in your workplace

It was back in the mid-1960s, around the same time the first computer terminals started appearing in the offices of innovative organisations, when pundits started predicting the paperless office. As it turned out, rumours of the death of paper-based workflows were greatly exaggerated. But digitising workflows is still a key factor for businesses. With the … Read more

3D printers are redefining the future of digital manufacturing

Just how big can digital manufacturing get in Australia? In May 2018, a Melbourne manufacturing plant unveiled the latest digital manufacturing innovation: the world’s largest metal printer. This beast of a machine is about the size of a bus—and it could probably print one, too. Using kinetic fusion, the printer blasts cold metal particles at supersonic … Read more

Australian education’s cybersecurity challenge

Once upon a time, the biggest threat to the cybersecurity of Australian education was a student changing their grades or attendance record like a scene out of Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. While this sort of mischief is still a headache for IT leaders at schools and universities around the world, it’s by no means the biggest … Read more

The future of AI in Australia

People have been talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and all its uses and possibilities for a long time. This often makes it difficult to separate hype from reality and identify when an inflection point has been reached. It’s now a bit over six decades since the field of AI research was officially born, according to Actuaries … Read more

Saving the Australian environment: what IT leaders can do

While climate change remains a politically contentious issue in Australia, it’s getting harder to make a credible case that it’s nothing to worry about. As temperatures climb ever higher, so do the costs for the Australian environment and those who depend on it. This means more floods, droughts, heatwaves, and ocean warming. As a look back at … Read more

What’s the solution to plastic pollution?

If you think the world is safe from environmental crisis because stores are finally asking their customers to say no to plastic bags and take their canvas bags to the supermarket, you might want to think again after you read the following plastic pollution facts: Individually, Australians go through approximately 60kg of plastic annually, according to Australian Geographic. … Read more

Standardise your device fleet with an IT environment assessment

The working world has come a long way from the days when the typical worker used—at most—a landline phone, a desktop computer, and the office printer. If you carried out an IT environment assessment today, you’d likely find most staff working and using at least three different devices in the course of their workday—not always on the … Read more

5 ways AI in banking is changing the game

Artificial intelligence is no longer looming on the horizon—it’s here, and it’s now significantly impacting daily life. With innovative startups coming onto the fintech scene, the behemoths of the banking industry are being forced to improve their digital game, and AI is playing an important role in doing so. These big banks have the budget … Read more

The case for upgrading small business IT infrastructure

One problem that small businesses face is the need to compete with other small businesses—and often mid-sized and large businesses—with limited resources. Unsurprisingly, this encourages underinvestment in small business IT infrastructure. Clients might take notice if a business’ office décor is shabby or if it’s delivery van is barely roadworthy, but they are far less … Read more

How robotics in healthcare are revolutionising the field

The medical robots once only seen in sci-fi movies and television are now becoming a reality. As robotics in healthcare become more common, this trend could boost the affordability of care for individual patients—as well as taxpayers funding a health system that’s about to be stretched to its limits by millions of ageing baby boomers. … Read more