What’s right (and wrong) in our start-up scene

Australia’s start-up culture is progressing, but critical needs remain, reports Nigel Bowen. Not before time, Australia is starting to get serious about start-ups: the 500 Startups program is set to launch in Melbourne; the Advance Queensland initiative is generating activity in that state; the Lighthouse precinct in Sydney’s Barangaroo is launching, in addition to that … Read more

Are we about to see a wave of Atlassians?

Nigel Bowen explores the case for (and against) investing in local start-ups. Cast your mind two years’ back to the start of 2017. It may not seem like the distant past but it’s a foreign country as far as Australia’s start-up sector is concerned. Back then, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s call for Australians to embrace … Read more

GoFar – Helping you drive smarter

Danny Adams describes himself as an ‘eco-petrolhead’ and it appears the environment and motorists have much to thank him for. Adams has invented an affordable, user-friendly, driver feedback device named GoFar, which helps drivers significantly reduce their fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Danny Adams had a passion for both the environment and motor vehicles from … Read more