What happens to Rising Stars?

With nominations under way, Nigel Bowen talks to 2016’s AFA Rising Stars about the award’s impact Greg Bloom, finance expert at 1st Street Financial, finalist Thanks to the Rising Star Awards I’ve networked with some very bright people and now have a line of communication to some of the most influential people in the industry. … Read more

Singing his own tune

Have you heard the story about the Adelaide mechanic who created two huge finance industry companies, became a professional jazz singer, befriended The Hoff, got into resort development and supervised the rebirth of one of Australia’s most stunning superyachts? No? Well, pay attention as Greg Meyer grants a rare interview. Greg Meyer’s extraordinary life had … Read more

In full flight

Joining the Air Training Corps at school set Steve Padgett on course to becoming one of the Australian aviation industry’s most significant figures. Here he explains to Nigel Bowen how he rose from being a flight instructor to creating the Aeromil Group of Companies and launching several airlines. Steve Padgett isn’t quite as well known … Read more

Nick Cave – Bad Seed

Nowadays, Aussie punk rock legend NICK CAVE is a rich and respectable, drug-free, God-bothering, happily married father of four. But he spent decades kicking the Grim Reaper in the balls, daring Death to claim his troubled soul. By rights, he should have been locked up, murdered or died of an overdose years ago. So how … Read more