A beginners guide to philanthropy

Fewer low to middle-income Australians are donating to good causes meaning charities are increasingly reliant on high-net-worth individuals As the response to the recent bushfires demonstrated, Australians are a generous bunch. But factors such as flat wage growth, more insecure working arrangements and high housing costs mean that fewer average Australians are donating to charities … Read more

Gen Y guide to making money and doing good

The Millennial generation is erasing the traditional commerce-charity divide, reports Nigel Bowen. US Millennial Carrie Hammer runs an eponymous fashion house. “It’s absolutely a for-profit business,” she says. “But selling dresses to professional women also puts me in the privileged position of being able to create social change. I’ve done that, for example, through my … Read more

Would you bank with Google, Amazon, Facebook or Apple?

‘GAFA’ and other neo-banks are shaking up Australia’s financial industry. But is neo-banking good for consumers? Neo-banking in Australia Soon, going into a bank branch to speak to the manager about getting a loan will be as outdated as driving to Blockbuster to rent a VHS cassette. Banking in Australia will increasingly be digitised over … Read more

How big a deal is later-life debt?

Rising house prices means more of us dangerously rely on super to pay mortgages, writes Nigel Bowen. While previous generations typically paid off their homes before reaching retirement age, in the course of a decade-long property boom we’ve borrowed more than ever before to buy houses and are much more likely to be leaving the … Read more

Lifelong renters need a plan

The big issue for those who don’t own a home is what happens later in life, writes Nigel Bowen. Most of the commentary around housing affordability focuses on its immediate effects: first timers struggling to get into the property market. But the sleeper issue is what’s going to happen when generations who haven’t bought (and … Read more

Don’t let your boss take care of your independence

Many of us take the easy default path with our super, when we should be taking control like a boss. Many of us are ignorant about our super balance or how much we need. The worst habit we can get into is opening a new super account with every job. We often settle for default … Read more

Games to conquer your fear of shares

Throw yourself into the sharemarket risk-free and learn what it’s about. Australians are renowned for being real estate obsessed. What’s less recognised is we’re equally enamoured with shares. “Around 36 per cent of Australians directly own shares,” says Joe Dickson, delivery, content and operations manager in the marketing division of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). … Read more

Should I downsize to fund my retirement?

Financial advisers share with Nigel Bowen why downsizing isn’t right for all. One of the many things that doesn’t make sense about Australia’s property market is retirees rattling around in large houses in child-friendly suburbs while young families are squeezing into tiny, urban high-rise flats. There’s a perception many older Australians opt for a sea … Read more

Party still going for property investors

Experts say it’s very unlikely property prices will calm down this year, writes Nigel Bowen. Key points In most states, house prices are still increasing. Strong demand indicates this will continue. Interest-rate increases won’t shock the market. Unit oversupply is only a moderate risk in Brisbane and Melbourne. Flat wage growth, unemployment are risks to … Read more

Don’t blow your pay rise

You’re likely to be earning more now than early in your career. So why are you living from payday to payday? By Nigel Bowen. It’s not uncommon for professionals’ salaries to double, triple or quadruple as they climb the corporate ladder. Given that, one might expect those in their 30s and 40s to be in … Read more

Getting your festival on

Love the Australian music festival scene? So do we. However, when you start factoring in all the costs, the season can add up pretty quickly. Here are our tips for where you can save some cash, so you can spend more on having a good time. Tickets: Get in early Music festival tickets are, unsurprisingly, … Read more

Get ready to buy your yacht

Rather than hoping just to get by, use your super now to make your dreams real, writes Nigel Bowen. “Lots of people can afford to buy a yacht when they retire – it’s just a matter of whether they can then use it just for sailing or have to live on it,” says ANZ Wealth’s … Read more