Digital transformation and other megatrends impacting Australia’s workforce

CSIRO has identified how digital transformation along with five other megatrends will transform the labour market over the next two decades  In 2016, the CSIRO’s Data61 Strategic Insights team released the Tomorrow’s digitally enabled workforce report. In collaboration with partners such as ACS (the Australian ICT sector’s peak body), ANZ and the Department of Employment, … Read more

The Ageing Workforce. Why nobody can afford to let the boomers retire

Neither governments or employers can afford the traditional retirement arrangements, and neither can the baby boomers who make up an ageing workforce. Employers need to rethink their treatment of older workers argues Will Burkitt, an Innovation Leader at Mercer  We’ve been hearing about ageing populations for so long it is easy to zone out when … Read more

2018 – The year of action for organisational change

No doubt you’ve heard by now that organisations need to become agile. And also that managers need to drive rapid change, employees want more flexible arrangements, work is expected to be meaningful and technology is disrupting, well, just about everything. But how exactly is all that playing out in the real world? Drawing on Mercer’s … Read more

Rethinking the ‘when, where and how’ of work

At a recent Mercer HR Leaders Forum, Linda Lee detailed what she’s learned while helping roll out Mercer’s ‘All roles can flex’ program. Linda is also the proud recipient of a 2018 Champion of Flexible Work Award in the Individual category. People are misinformed about what flexible work is Linda Lee is an Organisational Development Professional and a … Read more