How robotics in healthcare are revolutionising the field

The medical robots once only seen in sci-fi movies and television are now becoming a reality. As robotics in healthcare become more common, this trend could boost the affordability of care for individual patients—as well as taxpayers funding a health system that’s about to be stretched to its limits by millions of ageing baby boomers. … Read more

Making the impossible possible

In a world where humans so often use technology for frivolous or destructive purposes the story of Mick Ebeling and his Not Impossible Labs is truly heart warming. The EyeWriter Ebeling, 44, is a successful film and television producer. His philanthropic mission – to “make the impossible possible” by creating technology that can hugely improve … Read more

Cancer-fighting spheres go global

Australian life sciences company Sirtex has developed a cancer treatment based around microscopically small irradiated beads. The company’s SIR-Spheres have already improved the lives of many liver cancer sufferers and may ultimately subdue one of mankind’s greatest killers, as well as having an impressive range of non-medical applications. In the early 1980s an academic at … Read more