Find the right employee for your small business

Corporations will spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to find the best talent, even for junior roles. Unfortunately, small business owners usually don’t have the luxury of engaging pricey recruitment firms and undertaking endless rounds of interviews with every candidate. Here’s how you can maximise your chances of finding a ‘keeper’ while … Read more

Survival strategies for cash-strapped businesses

Sometimes the projections for revenue and profit in your business plan aren’t realised in the real world. If you feel like you need to engage in a little belt tightening, here are some suggestions for how to get your business’s cashflow back into balance. Invest in Accounting Software This is a little counter-intuitive as it requires … Read more

Simple ways one-person businesses can track performance

Do you really know how your business is doing? If you had to put together a profit and loss statement to convince an investor to entrust you with their money, could you do it? Profit and Loss 101 Richard Branson didn’t know the difference between gross and net until he was 50, but he’d managed to launch … Read more

Gamification: How to Gamify Your Small Business Marketing

The activity around Pokémon Go could be described as a 21st version of ‘Beatlemania’ – the frenzy that occurred for rock band The Beatles in the 1960s. Savvy small-business owners are pointing out the existence of rare Pokémon creatures near their premises. Major corporations are contemplating spending big money to integrate their brands into the virtual reality … Read more

Taking Your Business on the Road? Here’s How to Prepare

In recent times, businesses have become more mobile – they’re taking their business on the road and bringing it to the customer, rather than the other way around. To take a few of the more visible examples, some property investors now expect a visit from a home loan lender rather than a trip to the bank … Read more

Automating Business Processes: What’s the ROI?

It can be hard to quantify exactly the return on investment by automating business processes. But we all know how crucial it is for staff to respond to key customers and suppliers in a timely fashion. Or consider a business owner having an extra hour free each day to concentrate on higher value tasks than … Read more

Partnering Your Way to Success

The media loves to focus on entrepreneurs and craft inspiring tales of them single-handedly putting a dent in the universe. In reality, many much-mythologised business titans had actual partners (think Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger or Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak). All of them had to maintain strong partnerships with key customers, suppliers and employees. … Read more

How the 2016 Budget Tax Cuts will Affect Your Business

The tax cuts being offered to small businesses in the 2016 budget made headlines and may affect all businesses in Australia. We look at what the changes could mean for your company. Small Business Tax Cuts The 2015 budget saw the tax rate for small businesses (then classified as those making less than $2 million … Read more

New Year, New You: Productivity Secrets for 2016

See .PDF file See article on A new year has dawned and you’ve discovered there are still only 24 hours in a day. You long ago plucked all the low-hanging fruit when it comes to personal productivity, but you’re still finding it a challenge to get everything done – even after delegating, listing daily … Read more