No end in sight to the tattoo craze

As ink becomes more widespread, there are more business opportunities than ever for body artists. Fancy owning a lucrative business with low start-up costs? One that for the foreseeable future seems immune from technological disruption or the depredations of a margin-slashing competitor? “Tattoos continue to grow in popularity as a form of fashion and self-expression, … Read more

Who runs the hipster economy?

It’s not often anyone has a kind word for hipsters. So when Douglas McWilliams, former chief economist for IBM UK, current executive chairman of influential, London-based think tank the Centre for Economics and Business Research, and a free-market conservative, recently released Flat White Economy, a book lauding their economic contribution, it attracted attention. McWilliams asserts … Read more

Japan: Hipster heaven

Visiting Japan is the equivalent of diving into a giant mason jar of bacon-flavoured, small-batch bourbon while being serenaded by a band that’s so cool it hasn’t even formed yet. Living up to travel journalism’s tiredest cliché, the Land of the Rising Sun is usually portrayed as a ‘land of contrasts’ where Shinto shrines and … Read more

I, for one, welcome our new bogan overlords

Come Christmas Day, many members of the book-reading class are likely to wake up to find a copy of Things Bogans Like (TBL) in their stocking. The book was released in late October but its publicist, Nicola Pitt, is “expecting a spike in sales just before Christmas as people buy the book to give to … Read more