Bug up: entomophagy is a secret weapon for gym junkies

Skye Blackburn makes a living selling expensive bags of powder to gym goers – mainly men in their twenties and thirties. But in spite of her Walter White-esque science background, she’s no drug dealer. The powder in her bags comprises ground crickets. Blackburn, owner of the Edible Bug Shop, decided eight years ago to launch an edible … Read more

Investing in happy, healthy workers

The health and wellbeing revolution is sweeping through workplaces, with forward-thinking companies making an effort to promote healthier lifestyles, more flexible working conditions and better work-life balance. We discuss some simple ways SMEs can get on board. Some companies have gone all out to create a healthier workforce, planting workplace community gardens and running healthy-eating … Read more

Nude up for Sydney Skinny swim in Sydney Harbour

Even for one of the advertising industry’s brightest stars, it’s a tough sell. An untimed, non-competitive swimming event held at a beach most people have never heard of, with no prizes. One which requires its entrants, many of whom exhibiting the sagging flesh of middle-age and often scarred by the ravages of serious illness, to … Read more