The man who built James Cameron a foam submarine

For decades, Ron Allum has been assisting directors to access and film in some of the most remote locations on earth. After developing an innovative material to allow Hollywood heavy hitter James Cameron to descend to the deepest depths of the ocean, Allum is now exploring how this material can be used in military, mining, … Read more

Grit flicks

Despite being home to a gazillion actual and aspiring directors, screenwriters and actors, the Inner West doesn’t loom large in the nation’s cinematic consciousness. But, in the chilly shadow of creeping gentrification, a number of local talents have now sought to immortalise on film the bohemian underbelly of their much-loved neighbourhood. You have to go … Read more

David Stratton: how to be a film critic

1) Don’t enter the cinema with preconceptions “It can be hard, especially if it’s a sequel or remake, but you try to go in with an open mind. Reviews are always very subjective, but I try to bear in mind the audience the film is aimed at.” 2) Get a wing-woman “When Margaret and I … Read more