How Senate Matching transforms privacy-preserving matching

Between tireless bad actors and increasingly stringent regulations, businesses can no longer afford a business-as-usual approach to data matching Across the globe, growing numbers of public and private-sector organizations are using data matching to improve customer service, reduce fraud and boost revenues. Data matching can be one of the most powerful silver bullets in any organization’s armoury. … Read more

How banks and insurers are embracing data collaboration

It’s unavoidable that much commentary around emerging technologies focuses on what might happen at some unspecified future date. But every so often, you can glimpse the unevenly distributed future in the present and make reliable predictions about where most industries are headed. Unfathomable amounts of data are now being generated but less than one per cent of it … Read more

What legal teams need to know about data sharing agreements

As 2020 looms, the consensus view among business leaders, politicians and policymakers is that any organisation that isn’t leveraging the data it has access to is doomed to irrelevancy. That means a lot of lawyers who graduated long before anybody uttered the words Big Data will likely soon be called upon to create, or at least audit, data-sharing agreements. That’s … Read more