The Inner West’s mother hen

Tanya Plibersek didn’t grow up in the Inner West (believe it or not, she’s a Shire girl) but for the past 16 years the well-loved Member for Sydney has been taking a motherly concern, where appropriate, in the lives of her constituents. More recently, she’s managed to combine raising three children with occupying some of … Read more

Life inside the bubble

A new American book examining the IQ-based social statification happening in the US explains a lot about the Inner West and its residents. American political scientist Charles Murray is most famous for his 1994 book The Bell Curve, which argued that IQ is destiny and that different races have difference average levels of intelligence. In … Read more

Fifty grades of erotic play

With every single Inner West woman openly or secretly reading E.L James clit lit hit, we figured the time was right to profile Cat O’Nine Tails, an erotica entrepreneur who was providing sexual fantasy fodder to women long before Ms James started mucking around on Twilight fan fiction sites. The Inner West might be a … Read more

Grit flicks

Despite being home to a gazillion actual and aspiring directors, screenwriters and actors, the Inner West doesn’t loom large in the nation’s cinematic consciousness. But, in the chilly shadow of creeping gentrification, a number of local talents have now sought to immortalise on film the bohemian underbelly of their much-loved neighbourhood. You have to go … Read more

Christian beliefs

The author of Stuff White People Like rates Inner Westies! After having been officially sanctioned hate objects for the duration of the Howard years, you’d think we latte-belt elitists would have had enough of being slagged off. But if hits on Christian Landers’ blog, sales of the resulting book, and attendances at his recent Sydney … Read more

Murdoch’s man

Joe Hildebrand has been a prominent Daily Telegraph columnist since the middle of last decade, but for non-Hate-Media-consuming Inner Westies he remained under the radar until last year, when he started appearing (first by tweet, then in person) in the more respectable media forum of Q&A. At around the same time he was getting a … Read more

Rumble in the Urban Jungle

It’s a seat where the well-heeled, progressive, largely Anglo latte belt collides with the multicultural, aspirational and socially conservative outer suburbs. It was once Labor heartland but is now regarded as a bellwether seat that will determine who forms government. So who will win Reid? In the blue corner: Craig Laundy A couple of years … Read more