Rented keg business has legs

Keg rental business Kegstar has shaken up the beer industry in Australia, helping set off a craft beer revolution. Having secured the backing of global logistics company Brambles, Kegstar’s founder and CEO now has his sights set on securing partnerships with brewers throughout the UK, Europe and the US. Adam Trippe-Smith was fated to be … Read more

Brewing your own craft beer: how hard can it be?

Craft brewing – how hard can it be? Going by the swelling ranks of artisanal ales on display at inner city drinking establishments, you’d have to say: not very. And what better way is there for an entrepreneurial beer lover to follow their bliss? Danielle Allen, co-owner of Two Birds Brewing; Jaron Mitchell, co-owner of 4 Pines Brewing Company; and … Read more