What the FTAs really mean for Australia’s agricultural producers

What are the big opportunities in this brave new world of freer trade? China is the big story – it’s got a huge population and burgeoning middle class that will spend money on premium, ‘clean and green’ food. I don’t want to downplay Japan – it’s a big market for Australian agricultural produce. It may, … Read more

Turbocharging yields, slashing water consumption

Just over an hour’s drive east of Melbourne, a cutting-edge hydroponic facility of KAITEKI Fresh Australia, an offshoot of Mitsubishi Plastics Inc. is producing pesticide-free spinach, rocket and kale. It’s also developing technology that could come to play a vital role in managing one of this sunburnt country’s most overtaxed resources. Opened in July in … Read more

Reinventing the wheel – part two

As the city of Geelong builds a global reputation for carbon fibre technologies, Australian company Carbon Revolution is tackling the problem of how to turn a potentially disruptive technology into a commercial product. This year it began supplying the world’s first mass-produced carbon fibre wheel to the Ford motor company. Geelong-based Carbon Revolution had its … Read more

Australia’s most interesting oil baron

While now a proud resident of Australia, D.D. Saxena was long a peripatetic global citizen. Born in India, he attended high school in the US, returned to his birthplace to study for a Bachelor of Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (India’s equivalent to MIT) then rose through the ranks at multinationals such … Read more

Is Australia becoming ungovernable?

Our lack of faith in politics is spinning out of control… With pundits widely declaring Tony Abbott’s leadership terminal, it’s perhaps time Australian voters considered their role in a political system that has quickly descended into what the PM memorably described as Game of Thrones-style chaos. Over the last decade or so, Aussies have fallen in and … Read more

Celebrate Australia Day with Curtis and some true-blue wagyu

I don’t like to make a big deal about it but I am periodically called up to serve my country. And by ‘serve my country’ I mean sit in my suburban, air-conditioned office and get paid good coin to churn out copy on Aussie success stories for Austrade’s Australia Unlimited (www.australiaunlimited.com). In the lead up … Read more