Australia’s technology industry: What to expect in the next few years.

Realistic expectations for the technology sector in Australia   

RSM’s 2022 technology report looks at the current challenges facing the industry, while offering hope for “unglamorous” companies likely to weather the current economic storm without too much damage. Featuring recommendations and insights from a broad range of experts, this report paints a picture of the challenges and opportunities at play that is grounded firmly in reality – not science fiction.

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Australia has incubated an impressive number of ‘unicorns’ over the past decade, proving we can produce high-value, globally competitive companies. With the right support, there is no reason Australia can’t grow into a ‘digital superstar’.

Despite a global economic downturn shrinking valuations across the tech sector, the consensus from industry experts is that the current turbulence will prove short-lived. This isn’t Tech Wreck 2.0. Expectations for the tech industry in Australia can be summed up simply as “short-term struggle, medium-term maturation.”

This report is not about identifying megatrends or making grand predictions about an imagined technological future. Our report focuses on the next two years, not the next 30. Instead of megatrends, we examine microtrends affecting the day-to-day realities of the Australian tech industry.

Inside the report

Adjusting to economic turbulence – unit price economics and realistic capital allocations

How long will the bear market last? How will that affect valuations and capital allocations? What are investors likely to look for? How should startups approach raising capital?

Skill shortages – global competition for tech talent, policy changes and hiring remote workers

How will the changes to permanent migration and visa-processing bottlenecks affect recruitment challenges?

What complications can arise from remote workers? What can we expect in terms of local talent? What other factors are at play?

Subsectors promising growth – opportunities for the next decade

Which subindustries have proven strengths and which struggle to perform? What impact will policies like emission reduction targets have?

Digital transformation – data analytics, SaaS, cloud storage, and cyber security

How do you safely navigate a digital transformation? What can we learn from the rapid transformation of healthcare and healthtech innovations? What is the best approach for cyber security and avoiding a data breach? How does remote work factor in?

Responsible financial management

Where to save pennies to stay cashflow positive? What are the common traps to avoid? How to approach expanding into foreign markets.

Where to save pennies to stay cashflow positive? What are the common traps to avoid? How to approach expanding into foreign markets.