HandiSoft Cloud removes friction from compliance processes and facilitates your advisory services. Brought to you by Sage.

In an era of digitisation, many accountants have been spending more, not less, time on compliance work. That’s according to Kerry Agiasotis, managing director and executive vice-president of Sage Asia Pacific, who believes even if they had the time, many accountants lack the technological resources to deliver value-added services to their clients.

“A 2020 survey found 66% of Australian accountants wanted to extend the services offered by their firm but didn’t know where to start,” Agiasotis says.

“What’s lost in the endless industry talk about accountants needing to offer value-added services is that it hasn’t really been feasible for many of them to do that.”

It’s why, Agiasotis says, Sage HandiSoft Cloud is a game changer.

Sage HandiSoft Cloud

Sage HandiSoft Cloud is a cloud-based practice solution for accountants, providing client management, data management, accounts preparation, tax lodgement and practice management in one package.

Built on Salesforce’s industry-leading CRM platform, it allows accountants to provide their clients with valuable and timely insights via a functionally rich cloud platform.

“By helping our accountant partners navigate the seismic changes of 2020, we’ve seen how important it is for accountants to keep on top of ever-evolving client requests and be as efficient, flexible and valuable as possible – anytime, anywhere,” says Agiasotis, adding Sage HandiSoft Cloud is actually built around two platforms: Accountant Cloud and Data Hub.

Accountant Cloud makes it easy for clients to review accounts and sign off on paperwork while Data Hub is a data warehouse and analytics platform that functions as a universal translator.

Powerful analytics

“Accountant Cloud will allow accountants to spend more time consulting with clients while Data Hub has reduced the time they need to spend on compliance,” explains Agiasotis.

“It doesn’t matter which bookkeeping system your client uses, Data Hub extracts all the relevant data and creates a common data model.”

Data Hub doesn’t just vacuum up and collate data, it also analyses and acts on it.

“Intelligent bots look for warning signs in the data,” Agiasotis explains. “If a bot sees working capital has dropped below a certain amount it will automatically send an alert to both the accountant and their client.”

It also enables accountants to offer their clients value-added services. “One accountancy practice that began using Data Hub was able to sell a packaged analytics service to their clients and build up the advisory side of their practice,” Agiasotis says.

Streamlining work

There’s plenty of accounting practice software that removes some of the grunt work from compliance, or helps accountants enhance client engagement. HandiSoft is unique in that it ticks both boxes in a user-friendly, scalable and customisable fashion, says Agiasotis.

“Accountants who use it are going to be amazed at how it lets them both keep an eye on the bigger picture and streamline their day-to-day compliance work.

“It lets them both keep an eye on the bigger picture and streamline their day-to-day compliance work.”Kerry Agiasotis, Sage Asia Pacific

“Open cloud platforms with automated workflows and powerful analytics help accountants optimise and tailor their practice to how they work. [That allows them] to focus on what matters most: supporting clients through the ever-changing challenges ahead.”

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