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What’s an easy solution when client information is spread over multiple systems? Brought to you by Sage Accountant Cloud.

Many practices have client and practice data dispersed over multiple systems. “Some of it might be in Microsoft Outlook, some of it in bookkeeping software, and perhaps the receptionist jots things down on a notepad when a customer rings up about an issue,” says Chris Pattas, a sales director at integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems provider Sage.

As unsatisfactory as this approach is, it was more or less workable if partners, accountants and admin staff could be expected to be in the same place at the same time.

But things soon start to fall apart if that’s not the case.

“It’s no secret [accounting] practices that hadn’t invested in a cloud-based solution struggled during the lockdowns,” Pattas observes.

“Practices that hadn’t invested in a cloud-based solution struggled during the lockdowns.”Chris Pattas, Sage

Sage recently launched Sage Accountant Cloud, a solution aimed at accounting practices keen to digitally transform.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, it partnered with Salesforce and developed practice-specific features that leverage Salesforce’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology.

“Salesforce’s CRM is one of the best in the world,” says Pattas. “Built on the Salesforce platform, Sage Accountant Cloud enables practices to strengthen their client relationships with personal, relevant and up-to-date client information through a functionally rich and extensible cloud platform.”

Delight customers, empower employees

Pattas says it doesn’t matter if practices use Microsoft, Google Docs “or any of the myriad accounting and bookkeeping software available”.

“Accountant Cloud enables practices to populate and store relevant information about their clients and extend the functionality with integrations available via the Salesforce AppExchange. That allows partners to better manage their clients and employees,” he says.

For example, a partner can ‘follow’ a client to monitor their activities. That means the partner will receive notifications about changes then engage with the client when a key event occurs. “Plus, partners can also regularly check on the progress of every task and project.”

Making life easier

It’s not only partners who are relishing the perks of Sage Accountant Cloud. Adelaide-based accounting firm LBH Accountants was an early adopter. LBH’s office manager, Leanne Boulger, is delighted to now be using “an intuitive solution to eliminate paper-based processes and boost efficiency in the cloud”.

Boulger is also a big fan of the informative visual displays. “Sage Accountant Cloud’s dashboards make life a lot easier for all of us,” she says. “Tasks are at our fingertips and it’s much quicker to find things now. That means less wasted time calling or emailing colleagues to find information, which saved everybody a lot of time during the pandemic.”

“Practices typically compete on service,” Pattas adds. “By making everything more transparent, Sage Accountant Cloud allows practices to be proactive rather than reactive when servicing their clients.”

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