Farm insurance tips straight from the horse’s mouth

Insuring a farm can be a complicated business. We asked someone with a foot in the worlds of both agribusiness and insurance to provide some insights. In his early thirties, John Dunk stopped working on the farm that had been in his family for three generations and entered the insurance industry. He has now spent … Read more

Why your business needs cyber insurance

Many SME owners believe that they don’t have to worry too much about cyber crime. After all, why would Internet villains bother with small fry when they could go after heavy hitters such as Yahoo, eBay or Uber? Unfortunately, cyber criminals take an equal-opportunity approach. While they can and do target large organisations, they also realise … Read more

What to expect this financial year

Sensible businesspeople try to avoid being blindsided by political events, technological changes or shifts in consumer behaviour. Here’s what they should be paying attention to for the next 12 months Michael McQueen is one of the nation’s pre-eminent trend-forecasters and has a client list that includes AMP, Optus, Toyota and Westpac. Here are three developments he believes … Read more

Why you should embrace the New Payment Platform

Despite some attention-grabbing ads featuring a man sporting the head of a goldfish, the launch of the New Payment Platform (NPP) earlier this year failed to attract much attention. That’s regrettable given it is a game-changing innovation on par with the introduction of mass-market credit cards (1974), EFTPOS (1983) and BPAY (1997). What’s new about the New … Read more

What the EU’s GDPR means for Australian SMEs

The local and international rules around data protection were tightened up in the first half of 2018. As businesses are discovering, it’s now a whole new ball game   Though few appreciated it at the time, businesses enjoyed a long era of light-touch regulation around how they stored customers’ and employees’ data and what they did … Read more

How to automate your business, so you can focus on what you do best

In an age of disruption, it’s increasingly a case of survival of the most digitally agile. Below, industry experts run through the business tasks that can now be left to computers. Automation can slash costs, eliminate human error, facilitate rapid growth and free up time for business owners to dedicate to other important activities. It … Read more

How to sell your business profitably

With the baby boomers retiring in droves, it’s a buyer’s market for SMEs. That makes it all the more important to be on the ball when it comes to exit planning. Limited data has been collected on the sales of Australian SMEs. But what information is available makes for sobering reading for any business hoping … Read more

How to generate sales and profits through affiliate marketing

Anyone who has ever been online has been exposed to affiliate marketing. But most small businesses still don’t understand how they can use it to drive sales or earn a passive income. All business owners have a keen interest in maximising their sales and revenue. Yet only a fraction of them have embraced affiliate marketing, … Read more

How to build a business empire in five years

While still on the right side of 35, Jamie Davison has built up a chain of accountancy-related businesses with his business partner Nathan Hood. Here he shares his hard-won wisdom with aspiring entrepreneurs Jamie Davison is the kind of overachiever that professional-services firms drool over. But the Perth-based 34-year-old doesn’t work for PwC or KPMG. … Read more

The business case for becoming a B Corp

Forget the triple bottom line or corporate social responsibility, all the cool kids are becoming B Corps It’s a dream that’s been around since, well, forever. Why can’t businesses make a healthy profit while still treating their staff, suppliers, community and the environment well? Given widening wealth inequality, the growing impacts of climate change, the … Read more

Combining kid wrangling and craft brewing

When father-of-three Lachlan MacBean grew disenchanted with his job, his wife encouraged him to become the primary caregiver and pursue his dream of launching his own business. Lachlan MacBean is the kind of blokey bloke you don’t expect to be challenging conventional gender roles. After studying horticulture at uni, he ended up as sales manager … Read more