How artificial intelligence is transforming the healthcare industry

What you need to know to keep up In an era when software can detect tumours far more cheaply – and faster – than radiologists or oncologists, it’s clear automation in general and artificial intelligence (AI) in particular is set to transform how healthcare is delivered and consumed. Mahesh Roy, National Segment Head of Healthcare … Read more

Is it time to rethink your business structure?

Why better organisation could reform your practice Up until the 1990s, Australian general practice was dominated by sole trading or partnership ownership structures. Over the last three decades, corporatised practices have gained a small share of the market, but many medical professionals have preferred to keep their traditional approach to running their practices.1 But Mahesh … Read more

Disruption is coming to healthcare – are you ready?

How to adequately futureproof your business Healthcare professionals have largely been shielded from the disruption visited upon those working in many other industries. But Mahesh Roy, National Segment Head of Healthcare at Macquarie Business Banking, says the disruption that’s agitated so many other sectors will soon impact the healthcare industry. Two things Roy doesn’t see … Read more

Can accountancy and financial advice really converge?

Are we about to see accountancy firms madly acquiring financial planning businesses, or vice versa? It’s becoming common wisdom that a combination of regulatory change, technological innovation, increasing competition, margin pressure and consumer demand is driving a convergence of accountancy and financial advice. It’s certainly the case that, as of June 30 2016, accountants will … Read more

Are you ready for the end of the SMSF exemption?

And do you understand how much of a game changer this is going to be? You may know that at the end of this financial year the accountants’ exemption that’s allowed you to establish self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) without having an Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence is being phased out. But do you understand how … Read more

What you need to know about strokes

Over 1,000 Australians have a stroke every week and will face long term disability and expensive treatments Getting cancer or having a heart attack might lurk at the back of your mind as a remote possibility. In fact, you may have regular screening procedures or have already made changes to your lifestyle to reduce your … Read more