On the contrary

The greatest essayist in the English language. An unhinged drunk. A courageous humanitarian who’s kept faith with the Enlightenment values the Left traded in for vapid postmodernism. A war-mongering reactionary seduced by fame, wealth and access to the powerful. About the only thing the many friends and foes of the world’s most famous contrarian agree … Read more

Mad Men’s main man

Matthew Weiner is the genius behind what’s widely hailed as the most stylish TV drama series of all time. Who better to explain the appeal of the man we all secretly wish we were? It has to be said. Matthew Weiner is nothing like his famous creation Don Draper. Not physically. “All the characters in … Read more

The bling is dead

Collapsing revenues, newly demanding clients and a bling backlash. A perfect storm is blowing luxe back to the future. It never used to be like this. Back in the day, the only thing a purveyor of luxury goods had to worry about was a revolution wiping out the handful of plutocrats who made up his … Read more

Where the bloody hell have you been?

If you think of cheap and cheerful family holidays whenever the Whitsundays are mentioned, it’s high time you check out the spectacular accommodation the region now has on offer. OK, perhaps it’s not all your fault. Your head was turned by the exotic delights of Bali, Fiji and Thailand. You harbour traumatic memories of holidays … Read more

Tassie revel

The Apple Isle’s new five-star face. When I mentioned I was going on my first trip to Van Diemen’s Land, people reacted in one of two ways. Those, like me, who hadn’t yet crossed Bass Strait would shrug and express a vague desire to get down there “some day”. But those who had would immediately … Read more

The Thai life

Where to stay when you visit the best places on earth. The ‘Land of Smiles’ hasn’t had much to grin about of late. In the space of just over a decade, Thailand has had its currency collapse (kicking off the Asian Financial Crisis), been hammered by a tsunami that left thousands dead and seen its … Read more

The man’s guide to picking up

It’s 8pm on Friday at Ivy, Sydney’s classiest pickup joint. I’m standing next to pick-up artist (PUA) coach Damien Diecke while he asks three aspiring pants men — let’s call them John, Paul and George — to state their goals for the evening. “To stay in a set for 10 minutes.” “To speak to six … Read more

Let’s talk about sex

The saucy tale of how a bunch of disenfranchised porno fiends, sex workers, strippers, gays, lesbians, fetishists, civil libertarians and libertines created a new political party and contested an election. It’s 11am on a chilly Saturday morning two weeks before the federal election. I’m standing on a mountain on the outskirts of Canberra in between … Read more

An open letter to post-feminist women

After 40 years of fighting for equality, women want to go back to the original deal? Sorry ladies — we’re not half the men our grandads were. Dear post-feminist women, It’s been brought to our attention that you want we 21st century gents to caveman up. That you’re, like, so over busting a navel-pierced gut … Read more

An open letter to Sex and the City creator Darren Star

We’re the first to admit we heterosexual blokes haven’t always treated you, our fabulous homosexual brothers, with the respect and affection you so richly deserve. We can only guess at the number of times some knuckle-dragger inserted your head in an S-bend at high school after being driven into a homophobic rage by your fashion-forward … Read more

Just sit there and look beautiful

Want to succeed in business without really trying? Just make sure you look sexy. As the working year clicks into gear, you’re no doubt nutting out strategies to shimmy a little higher up the greasy pole. Putting in more unpaid overtime. Enrolling in an MBA. Arranging for bestiality porn to be discovered on your supervisor’s … Read more

Testing times

If the experts are right, within the next five years we’ll all know our genetic make-up. But are we ready for the truth of who we really are? If it’s not too much information, there are a few things I’d like to share. I’m at greater than normal risk of developing several bowel-related diseases, of … Read more