Cryotherapy: the ultimate chill-out

Lindsay Lohan loves it. So does soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo in the days leading up to a soccer match. Daniel Craig reportedly did it during the filming of Skyfall. Curiously, Gwyneth Paltrow hasn’t done it, but she’s reportedly keen. ‘It’ is cryotherapy, and involves blasting your body with liquid nitrogen cooled to between minus 150 and … Read more

Millennials embrace a trend for sober buck’s parties

Millennials are disrupting the traditional buck’s party, with a new trend for teetotal stag parties with activities such as life drawing or clay pigeon shooting emerging in the UK. Australia being Australia, entirely dry buck’s parties haven’t become a thing here. Yet. Nonetheless, the focus is shifting away from the old-school booze-and-boobs formula. Learning the ropes … Read more

12 superstitions you don’t know you have

You may flatter yourself you’re not the superstitious type. But if you’ve ever touched wood when expressing a wish, clinked glasses after making a toast, or even taken part in a wedding, you’ve engaged in behaviour not much different to a medieval peasant stroking the severed paw of a bunny. “Lots of people tell me … Read more

Mindfulness in the workplace: have we had a gutful?

The news from the home of mindfulness – that’s California, not the exotic east – is grim. Both erstwhile true believers and long-time sceptics have begun questioning whether corporate mindfulness programs are unarguably A Good Thing. In the US, think pieces about the mindfulness backlash are now appearing in the same publications that five minutes … Read more

Bug up: entomophagy is a secret weapon for gym junkies

Skye Blackburn makes a living selling expensive bags of powder to gym goers – mainly men in their twenties and thirties. But in spite of her Walter White-esque science background, she’s no drug dealer. The powder in her bags comprises ground crickets. Blackburn, owner of the Edible Bug Shop, decided eight years ago to launch an edible … Read more

Cosmetic surgery: what are the options for ageing men?

A good haircut, a close shave and a fancy suit might keep a man looking sharp, but can’t stave off forever the physical signs of ageing. Men are increasingly accepting that maintaining a youthful, vibrant appearance lessens the likelihood they’ll be perceived as the ‘old guy’ in the office who doesn’t merit further promotion. While … Read more

Brewing your own craft beer: how hard can it be?

Craft brewing – how hard can it be? Going by the swelling ranks of artisanal ales on display at inner city drinking establishments, you’d have to say: not very. And what better way is there for an entrepreneurial beer lover to follow their bliss? Danielle Allen, co-owner of Two Birds Brewing; Jaron Mitchell, co-owner of 4 Pines Brewing Company; and … Read more

Rethinking the ink? Removing a tattoo can really sting

It’s estimated that up to a quarter of young adults in Australia have a tattoo. Of those, a quarter will at some stage want to have it undone, a Choice report estimates. Many are happy to remain inked, but others will go to great lengths to return their skin to its un-inked state. Monash University … Read more

Nude up for Sydney Skinny swim in Sydney Harbour

Even for one of the advertising industry’s brightest stars, it’s a tough sell. An untimed, non-competitive swimming event held at a beach most people have never heard of, with no prizes. One which requires its entrants, many of whom exhibiting the sagging flesh of middle-age and often scarred by the ravages of serious illness, to … Read more

Motorbike adventures take Aussies on the high road

It’s not one of Wall Street‘s more quoted lines but when aspiring Master of the Universe Bud Fox is asked what drives him, he responds: “If I can make a bundle of cash before I’m 30 and get out of this racket, I’ll be able to ride my motorcycle across China.” If Fox hadn’t gone … Read more

When corporate team building is child’s play

If Margo Ward and Will Gray realise their ambitions, corporate team-building activites could soon involve a lot less paintball and a lot more paint throwing. Ward is a former teacher who created the play therapy program at Sydney Children’s Hospital before launching KidsXpress, located in Sydney’s Fox Studios, a decade ago. It’s a venue where … Read more